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What is a trade mark?

A trademark is a sign that is used to distinguish goods or services from those provided by any other person. They are used to allow consumers to easily identify the producer of products. Trade marks are an effective marketing tool to advertise your product by providing a unique and recognisable identifier in the marketplace.
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Forming a Trade Mark

Trade marks can be formed by using or combining signs such as words, numbers, names, brands, colour, shape, packaging, smell, or sound. The protection that a trademark can give differs from the security that you get from registering a business, company, or domain name.

Specifically, only trade marks confer proprietary rights which allow you the sole right to use and enjoy the trade mark. Hiring an expert trade mark attorney is the first step that one needs to take when deciding to register their name as a trade mark. This can be done with a lawyer for trade mark registration, or a trade mark attorney.
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Why Should I Use IP Guardian?

IP Guardian has extensive expertise and experience in business names, company names, and trade mark law. If you’re looking for expert trademark lawyers in Sydney who are experts in securing trade mark rights, IP Guardian has a team of attorneys ready to tackle all your intellectual property issues.

You don’t need to fork out for a needlessly costly IP trade mark lawyer. We can assist you in registering your name as a trademark and can help you enforce your rights against those who may wish to abuse your valuable name. Our team of trade mark litigation attorneys can also help you by searching the trade mark register and the ASIC register which contains details of registered business and company names.
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Specialised Trademark Attorneys Sydney

IP Guardian will have only expert trade mark attorneys at your disposal. In addition, we offer convenient payment options including "Protect Now Pay Later" or "Buy Now Pay Later" (BNPL) options so you can protect your IP including patents, trade marks, and design registrations immediately and pay overtime with no interest. Book your free no-obligation consultation.

If you’re looking for a trade mark lawyer in Sydney, we’ve got the skills you’re after. Additionally, we can provide the attorney trade mark services of a trademark lawyer in Melbourne, Australia, and many other places, too.

Can I register my own trade mark, or do I need a trademark lawyer?

Unless you’re a legal expert, it’s unwise for you to try and register your own trade mark. It’s better to get trademark lawyers or trade mark attorneys — somebody who understands what a trade mark is and how to register one properly — to help you.

IP Guardian knows trade mark law inside and out and can protect your IP with confidence. Whether you need to register a trade mark from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or the Gold Coast, our team can provide you with the trade mark attorney advice that will secure your IP.
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