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Design Registrations

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What is a Design Registration?

Design registrations provide the registered owner with the exclusive right to exploit their design within Australia. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the design registration process and can provide you with commercially tailored advice with respect to protecting your design.

At IP Guardian, you will find a team of experienced attorneys specialised in handling issues regarding design registration Australia-wide. For design registration from Melbourne to Brisbane, IP Guardian has you covered.
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What is a Design?

A ‘design’ is the overall appearance of a product resulting from one or more of its visual features. To be eligible for registration, a design must be both new and distinctive. To be considered new, a design must not be identical to another design.

A design will be distinctive if it is similar in overall impression to other designs currently in the public domain. We can provide advice on the eligibility of your design for registration. This will set you up for design protection and safeguard your intellectual property.
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Why Should I File a Design Application?

A granted and certified design provides the owner with the protection of the overall appearance resulting from one or more visual features of a product. If you put effort, time, and money into developing a new design and do not obtain a design registration, then anyone is free to use your design as they wish.

As such it is important to file a design application and get a design registration before you exploit or show your design publicly. For design registration in Australia, get in touch with our team.
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Secure Your Design with Design Registration

When it comes to design protection, Australia has some of the top experts in the field right here at IP Guardian. Our team of specialists will handle the entire design protection process with utmost care and attention, making sure your expectations are met and even exceeded.
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Why Should I Use IP Guardian?

Ultimately, only a small number of “do-it-yourself” applications are successful. Most are not filed correctly and abandoned due to insufficient knowledge of the application process or requirements. Professional advice is therefore essential for the desired outcome.

Feel free to contact your patent attorneys from Sydney for any type of advice you need. Additionally, we can provide help with design registration and design protection in other Australian localities. We at IP Guardian are at your service whenever you need guidance regarding your patent, including matters regarding design protection and registration.
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Specialists in Sydney Design Registrations

We offer convenient payment options including "Protect Now Pay Later" or "Buy Now Pay Later" (BNPL) options so you can protect your IP including patents, trade marks, and design registrations immediately and pay overtime with no interest.

Would you like to know more about how we can assist you with design protection in Australia? Like to know more? Request your free no-obligation consultation with an IP Guardian design registration expert.