Expert Patent Law Services in Sydney

At IP Guardian, our dedicated team of Sydney patent attorneys provides comprehensive intellectual property services. With over a decade of experience, we specialise in securing patents, conducting thorough novelty searches, and guiding inventors through the application process to protect and maximise the potential of their innovations.

What is a Patent?

A patent is an intellectual property right granted for an invention that is novel and inventive. For the life of the patent, the owner has the exclusive right to commercially exploit the claimed invention within the jurisdiction in which the patent is granted.

For patent attorney services in Australia, IP Guardian can secure your patent and protect your intellectual property.
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Sydney Patent Attorney Services

  1. Preliminary Patent Searches

    Where individuals and entities register their intellectual property through the use of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
  2. Patent Application Filing

    Strategic advice on how to best manage a portfolio of international property, ensuring registrations are up to date and compliant.
  3. Patent Strategy and Advice

    When IP is infringed, IP attorneys can provide infringement advice and support legal action on behalf of their clients, including lawsuits, cease and desist letters, negotiations, and representation in court.
  1. International Patent Protection

    IP attorneys can advise you on the different ways that your product or invention could be commercialised with the assistance of intellectual property.
  2. IP Portfolio Management

    Due diligence investigations can yield insight into the ownership, validity, and value of intellectual property assets during a range of business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.
Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy
26 April 2024
Great service from the Barry and his team, managed to get my trademark in a timely manner and communication was great throughout the whole process. Would use again!
Ryan Gale
Ryan Gale
22 March 2024
Barry is highly knowledgeable, very personable and got our trademark filed quickly. Thanks for a great service.
Midnight Support
Midnight Support
21 March 2024
We had discovered an unknown party had made a unauthorised website using our registered trademarks. We contacted IP Guardian for assistance and the service was nothing less than excellent. Barry called for an initial consultation to see what needed to be done to rectify our problem. He was transparent and upfront with solutions, and provided a quote for the total amount to complete the work required. The quoted amount was more than acceptable, especially considering the problem was resolved within less than 24 hours! We will be using Barry's services for any future trademark and IP related assistance. Joe Gerardis - Midnight Locksmiths & Security
Rug Addiction Australia
Rug Addiction Australia
5 February 2024
So easy to deal with and understanding of my requirements.
Brad Berman
Brad Berman
28 November 2023
Dealing with Barry and the team at IP guardian was so easy. I would highly recommend them.
Betania Gamon
Betania Gamon
15 October 2023
IP Guardian are very professional, Barry was prompt and great at understanding what we needed. Would highly recommend for anyone needing any IP services!
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner
10 October 2023
I am very happy with the service of John Paul and Barry from IP Guardian. They handled all my queries and I've been very well advised.
Adriana Brusi
Adriana Brusi
3 October 2023
IP Guardian are amazing - and Mike was fantastic to deal with. This was not my first time applying for a Patent; but this was by far the most seemless process. I would never look at another organisation to work with. I had exceptionally tight deadlines to work within; and everything was effortless. If you are looking for high level professionalism; exceptional customer service and a legal standard that ensures they get it done, then I cannot recommend enough.
Rebecca Barbe
Rebecca Barbe
26 September 2023
We had our trademark application opposed by a larger company so sought assistance from Joanne Li from IP Guardians. She knows her stuff! She was very clear with what she considered our risks were, how the opposition process works, gave us a few options to consider and was so patient and thorough with us. Turns out she was correct in every aspect. Joanne and her team were punctual, easy to get a hold of and kept us in the loop every step of the way. The cost was very fair from our perspective. It's scary when you don't know how far a matter will proceed and how much the costs would blow out. The matter got resolved quicker than we could have hoped for and we are so grateful we chose Joanne to help us. Will recommend to absolutely anyone and everyone who needs IP support. Thank you Joanne.
Alex Bedders
Alex Bedders
15 September 2023
Barry and his team are the best in the business. Highly recommend them for all your trademark needs.

Start Your Patent Journey with Our Expert Sydney Patent Attorneys

Where to Begin?

The starting point for most inventors is to determine whether your invention is in fact novel. Simply because you have not seen your product for sale does not mean that it is new, although that can be a good leading indicator, especially if there is a strong need for your invention. One way of determining the novelty of the invention is to have a preliminary novelty search performed by a patent attorney. This also helps provide a good understanding of the prior art against which your invention will be assessed if you decide to proceed with the patent process.

Filing Your Patent Application: A Strategic Move with IP Guardian

Jumping straight into the patent application might seem appealing, especially in fast-moving sectors or when there's a chance for immediate commercialisation. However, wisdom and experience suggest a more calculated approach: let our seasoned patent attorneys in Sydney conduct a thorough novelty search first. This early investment can significantly reduce long-term costs and uncertainties. By partnering with IP Guardian, you're not just filing a patent; you're securing your future in the competitive market.

The road to patenting is complex, but with IP Guardian, your innovative ideas are in safe hands. Contact us today to start your patent application process with Sydney's leading patent attorneys and ensure your intellectual property is protected right from the start.

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File with Our Sydney Patent Attorneys To Secure Your Innovation

Once our comprehensive novelty searches confirm that your invention is truly unique and innovative, it's time to solidify your place in the market. Filing a patent application with IP Guardian is your strategic next step. Our skilled Sydney patent attorneys ensure your filing not only secures the priority date but also prepares your invention for assessment against the strict standards of novelty and innovation.

Don't leave your invention's future to chance. Engage our Sydney patent attorney services to lock in your patent's priority date and take a decisive step towards comprehensive protection. Contact IP Guardian today to transition your idea from concept to secured asset with the guidance of Sydney’s top patent professionals.

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What’s The Next Step?

If novelty searches show that your invention is novel and inventive, the next step is to file a patent application. Filing a patent application secures the priority date for your invention and essentially locks in the date on which your patent will be assessed for novelty and inventive or innovative steps.
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Understanding Your Patent Options in Australia

Navigating the world of patents begins with understanding your options: the provisional patent application and the standard patent application. Opting for a provisional application with IP Guardian allows you a 12-month period to refine and develop your invention, safeguarding your ideas while you prepare for the more comprehensive standard patent application. This period is crucial for enhancing your innovation, with all improvements being meticulously documented in the eventual standard application.

Strategic Patent Filing: Provisional vs Standard

While it's possible to directly file a standard patent application, this approach often entails higher initial costs and less flexibility for modifications. Our expert Sydney patent attorneys recommend a strategic approach: starting with a provisional application to secure early protection and maintain flexibility for enhancements.
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Global Protection for Your Invention

Patents are territorial. An Australian patent protects your invention domestically but not abroad. When you're ready to take your invention international, IP Guardian is here to guide you. Our experienced Sydney patent attorneys will assist you in filing patents internationally, ensuring your innovation receives the global protection it deserves. Choose IP Guardian, where the best patent attorneys in Sydney are committed to safeguarding your inventions, both in Australia and beyond. Contact us today to secure your intellectual property's future.
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Sydney Patent Attorney FAQs

"IP Guardian helped me to protect my idea before I disclosed it to third parties, ensuring it was secure from copying." - IP Guardian client.

What if I Decide Not to File a Patent Application?

Unless you patent your invention, anyone can use it for free. A famous example of this is the electrical power board invented by Kambrook in 1972. Kambrook decided not to patent the idea and lost millions in revenue when other manufacturers were able to copy the hugely successful invention without having to pay a royalty.
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Can I Tell Other People About My Invention Before I File a Patent Application?

You should not disclose or commercialise your invention before filing a patent application. If you do so you risk losing any protection you may have been able to secure.

Can You Provide A Patent Attorney In Sydney?

Looking for a patent lawyer in Sydney? Our team of IP Guardian experts can provide you with patent attorney services in Sydney, and across more of Australia.

Is It Expensive To Get A Patent Lawyer In Sydney?

Getting the right Sydney patent attorney to help with your IP doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Contact IP Guardian to get a patent attorney for Sydney, Australia-based patent requests.

How Can I Patent An Idea?

There is a formal patent application process that you must go through in order to secure a patent. During the process the patent application is tested to see if the invention is new and inventive.

This is done through the relevant patent office where you are applying for a patent. IP Australia is the governing body for protecting patents in Sydney and Australia.

The process is complex, involved and can take several years to finalise, which is why we strongly recommend engaging experienced and knowledgeable patent attorneys such as those at IP Guardian.

How Long Does A Patent Last?

A standard patent issued in Australia lasts for up to 20 years or 25 years for pharmaceutical substance patents. This lifespan is fairly typical for patents in most countries. A patent's validity and duration of protection also typically requires renewal or maintenance fees to be paid on time.

How Much Does A Patent Cost?

Costs will depend on what type of patent application you file and how many countries you want to extend patent protection to.

In order to ensure that the patent is written properly (a patent specification can often range from 10 to 80 pages in length, and is a bespoke legal document) the main cost is the time that a patent attorney takes to write it. Relatively negligible official filing fees are also payable. The cost will typically vary between $5000 to $15000 +GST to draft and file a provisional patent application. This will start the process and get you a filing date for the subject matter contained in the patent specification.

Can A Business Idea Be Patented?

There are limitations on what is considered patentable subject matter, especially in the case of software-type patents. Each case needs to be looked at on its own merits. You may be able to get protection for a tool for doing business, but not for a method of doing business. The limitations on what may be patentable also changes from country to country.

To check if your business idea can be patented, it is best to check with a patent attorney.

How To Patent A Product In Australia

To patent a product in Australia, you will need to apply for a patent at IP Australia, setting out your idea in the correct format.

IP Australia will then perform a series of checks to ensure your idea is indeed new and inventive over the “prior art” (i.e. the subject matter that is already in the public domain anywhere in the world).

You will also need to follow a series of strict application criteria as per IP Australia. Failure to understand or adhere to these criteria will see your application lapse.

The process for patenting an idea in Australia can take several years and understanding the concepts around patents can be difficult, so is best managed by a dedicated patent attorney.

How Do I Choose Between A Patent Lawyer And A Patent Attorney In Sydney?

Choosing the right professional for your needs depends on the specific services you require. In Australia, 'patent attorney' refers to professionals qualified to provide specialised advice and protect clients in patent matters. A 'patent lawyer' typically refers to a legal professional who may provide broader legal advice, including IP law.

At IP Guardian, our Sydney patent attorneys are equipped with the expertise to guide you through the entire patent process, ensuring your intellectual property is protected.

What Sets Your Sydney Patent Attorney Services Apart From Others?

At IP Guardian, we pride ourselves on our personalised approach and deep expertise in intellectual property law. Our team of dedicated patent attorneys in Sydney provides comprehensive services, from initial consultations to the filing and defence of your patents, ensuring your inventions receive the protection they deserve. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes us a leading choice for patent services in Sydney.

Can A Patent Attorney In Australia Help With International Patent Filing?

Securing international patent protection requires navigating complex global laws and regulations. Our team at IP Guardian includes experienced patent attorneys who can guide you through the process of international patent filing.

Whether you're in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, we can help you extend your patent protection globally, ensuring your invention is safeguarded in key markets around the world.

Can Patent Attorneys In Sydney Assist With Patent Renewals And Maintenance?

Absolutely! Protecting your patent doesn't end with its grant. At IP Guardian, our patent attorneys in Sydney are here to assist you with the ongoing maintenance and renewal of your parents to ensure they remain enforceable and provide continuous protection for your inventions. We manage all aspects of patent upkeep, so you can focus on innovation and growth.

What Should I Expect From The Initial Consultation With A Sydney Patent Attorney?

During your initial consultation, one of our skilled Sydney patent attorneys will review your invention, discuss your specific needs and objectives, and provide a clear outline of the patenting process. We'll also discuss the potential costs, timelines, and strategies for protecting your intellectual property effectively. This meeting is an invaluable step towards understanding how we can help turn your innovative ideas into protected assets.

Contact IP Guardian today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards securing your intellectual property with trusted Sydney patent attorneys.

Case Study

After a client expressed interest in importing and modifying a patented baby care product from the USA for the Australian market, IP Guardian intervened to prevent potential patent infringement. Through diligent searches of patent databases, we provided comprehensive advice on how to legally alter the product.

Our guidance ensured the client could innovate without infringing existing patent rights, illustrating our commitment to navigating complex intellectual property challenges and fostering market expansion and product development.

Why Should I Use IP Guardian?

Ultimately, only a small number of “do-it-yourself” applications are successful. Most are abandoned due to insufficient knowledge of the application process or requirements. Professional advice is therefore essential for the desired outcome. Feel free to contact your patent attorneys from Sydney for any type of advice you need. We at IP Guardian are at your service whenever you need guidance regarding your patent.
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Specialised Patent Attorneys Sydney

We offer convenient payment options including "Protect Now Pay Later" or "Buy Now Pay Later" (BNPL) options so you can protect your IP including patents, trade marks and design registrations immediately and pay over time with no interest.
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