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When it comes to intellectual property law, you need trusted advisors to assist you in maximising your assets and protecting them. With all the money and time you invested in your IP, it’s only natural that you should be the one who gets to exploit it to its full potential. Seeking intellectual property legal advice at the earliest possible stage in the development of your business is always advisable and worthwhile.

Defending Your IP Rights

When your intellectual property is threatened or infringed, you need a law firm with global experience to defend your IP rights. We have a team of professionals who offer unparalleled experience in patent, trademark and design enforcement waiting for you to call and engage them for your IP case.

Brisbane IP Lawyers

Our experienced IP team assists clients across a diverse range of industries to effectively manage their intellectual property rights. At IP Guardian, you will get straightforward commercial advice that will meet your needs. That is precisely why global household names choose and trust us with their IP assets. Whether you’re a startup or an individual, IP lawyers from Brisbane will know how to help you. Our extensive experience in multiple industries helps us provide intellectual property services that are smart, industry-specific and cost-effective.
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Protecting Your Trademark, Patent and Design Australia Wide

We have a strong focus on understanding our clients’ commercial requirements to be able to become their powerful advocates. Our IP lawyers in Brisbane will work tirelessly to secure protection for trademarks, designs, and patents. The type of protection you need depends on the object you’re trying to protect. When looking to protect literary or artistic works you’ll need copyright. For inventions, a patent is necessary, whereas a trademark protects words, phrases, symbols, or designs that represent a company or goods. By hiring the best IP lawyers Brisbane has to offer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that experts are handling your intellectual property rights.

Our team of attorneys will suggest the right type of protection you need, while also helping you put your protection into place. You will be able to successfully defend it and maintain it as needed. IP lawyers at IP Guardian serve as trusted advisers to some of the most valuable brands in the world and can assist you with all of your branding legal needs. We provide quick, affordable and easy-to-understand intellectual property legal services Australia wide. Please get in touch with any member of our team to learn how we can help you.
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Trusted Intellectual Property Attorneys

IP Guardian’s attorneys will help you draft your trademark application and file it with the government. We will stay with you every step of the way, helping with any office actions, examination reports, opposition proceedings, or appeals, until the trademark registration process is complete. We are committed to providing your business with easy to access, clear, and affordable expert legal advice. Protect your ideas with experienced Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys at IP Guardian.
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Learn More About Intellectual Property

To learn more about intellectual property rights and trademarks, or to get help registering or maintaining your trademark rights, contact an intellectual property lawyer at IP Guardian today and get all the information you need.
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